Spring has come, nature is awaking. Croatia is blessed with untouched nature and pleasant climate that is ideal habitat for different sorts of fruits, vegetables, flowers…some of them used as medicine.

In order to offer true insight into tradition and lifestyle of Croatia. Gode Gate offer our guests Asparagus picking. Wild asparagus is a native, indigenous vegetable. It is both food and medicine. Asparagus grows in April and May when it is time for their picking.

Be quick because the season of asparagus is short. Going to nature for fresh air in search of asparagus has an anti-stress therapy effect. Asparagus grows everywhere in the woods, the trees and underbrush. After the picking interesting part comes, preparing and tasting dishes with asparagus, pasta, risotto, salads, eggs…real treat for your senses and a good way to detoxicate your body and prepare for hot summer .