According to BBC here are the top 5 things that characterize Croatia, what would you add, e-mail us or visit our social networks…

1. Fashion Pioneers Croatian army can be proud of creating a unique fashion detail Tie. In the 17th century man wore red scarf that around neck wend they went to war, that trend spread throughout Europe, and soon Tie was created.

2. Islands More than a 1000 islands enrich Croatian cost, only 50 of them are inhabited. Untouched nature, cleared see, offers intimacy, isolation and contribute to attractiveness of our Country.

3. Present from Dioneez Greek inhabitants are to blame for bringing wine to Croatia. Nowadays Croatia is well known for quality wines, there are more than 300 wine regions 17000 producers and 2500 sort of wine, mostly weight. If you are wine lovers, you will definitely have a lot of work.

4. Roman influence During Roman empire Croatians paid their taxes in very expensive well appreciated fur of the animal called Kuna. Nowadays Kuna is used as a name for national currency.

5.Dubrovnik This could not be called a top five list if we did not mention Dubrovnik, antian town known for its fortifications. and rich history.